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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Moving Foward From Hereon

We’re’ blushing.

We’re humbled to learn some items and passages of our posts here in Cbanga360 on Blogspot and Cbanga360 on Facebook, get reposted, quoted and/or referenced in some neat, news/info gathering/sharing platforms, etc. It warms our heart that other than fellow bloggers who are so supportive and appreciative, there are some more than meets our eyes, that grabs our verbalized thoughts.

For our friends in facebook, bloglog and google (friend connect), thank you very much. You can still check out this blog and will always appreciate the visit. But as we move on, we open our invitation to see us now in CBANGA360 DOT NET Even as we’re taking a sweet time, cautious, that all files get moved without any glitch in the process.

Our new format presents thumbnail view of image(s) on the frontpage but visiting each post leads to a larger image, point and left click once the mouse and the image enlarges to the max size of 500 pixel (width).

There could be some broken links, here and there, will be fixed soon enough. It took us much time working on the selected theme, which didn't work and eventually have to settle on another. The transfer and export of text files was seamless except that some posts showed no comments although they're there. Links of blog commenters were "discarded" by the platform, I don't have an explanation on that. So have to store the export files for future reference.

BTW, this original Cbanga360 blog will remain viewable, but have now disabled new comments as of today. Read new posts on the new site (again, at CBANGA360 DOT NET. I will be glad and thankful seeing you there.


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